Healthyish Vegetarian and Vegan Recipe eBook

Being healthyish is something I identify with. As someone who has tried almost every diet imaginable, this is a concept that I know is far more sustainable and better for me in the long run. I wanted this first issue of Healthyish to focus on quick and easy snacks. At the time of writing this, we're still dealing with a pandemic and are continuing to stay at home, practising as much social-distancing as possible and getting used to our new normal. The thing is, we still need to eat.

A lot of us spent the first few weeks in lockdown throwing caution to the wind and munching whatever we wanted. The sheer amount of baking taking place was insane. You only had to take a trip to get essentials in the first few weeks to see how many basic baking ingredients were unavailable, especially yeast and flour. I personally couldn't get cocoa until Week 4.

Many of you have been saying how much you need to curb the amount of "junk" being consumed. I have a few friends who've given up sugar completely but have ended up being miserable about it. Life is far too short, folks. We've also got a lot going on right now. This is where adopting a healthyish approach to food and lifestyle makes things a little easier.

Thank you for supporting my new little eCommerce business through purchasing this, I really appreciate it! Please continue sharing your creations on social media, tag and use the hashtags #DeliciousMonster #TheIsolatedKitchen and #Healthyish.

Healthyish includes 10 vegetarian and vegan snacks which make use of good for you ingredients like legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, dates and (mostly) refined sugar-free sweeteners. All the recipes are easy to prepare, individually photographed and include tips and tricks for making the most of them. 

Some recipes you'll find in Healthyish include Raw Cookie Dough Nice Cream, Creamy Chickpea Hummus, Chinky Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, Tahini Seed & Nut Bars, Ramen Noodle Snack Mix and more...

For an indefinite time, R5 from each and every sale of Healthyish will be donated to Rise Against Hunger, a volunteer-based meal packaging nutrition programme who have been operating in South Africa since 2009. Their mission is to eradicate child hunger and deliver food to Early Childhood Development centres. 

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