Delicious Monster

Delicious Monster Small-Batch Granola Butter Variety Pack (3 x 270g)

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Not sure which Granola Butter you'll like the most? Well, here's your answer... 

Get 3 x 140g jars (Coconut Cashew, Brownie Batter and Almond & Super Seed) and decide which one you're going to finish first. It's okay if you can't decide.

Made in small batches, Delicious Monster's range of Granola Butters contain raw nuts and seeds which are dry roasted and blended along with various natural flavourings, spices and Euphoric Lifestyle Granola - resulting in an all-natural rich butter with a big difference! 

Packed with healthy fats, lots of fibre and contains 100% natural ingredients.

No Palm Oil | No Refined Sugar | High in Fibre | Wheat-Free | Dairy-Free | Vegetarian

Granola Butters are produced in a kitchen that uses tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, soya & sulphur dioxide. 



Ingredients: Raw Cashews (45%), Oats, Almonds, Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Spices, Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Raw Honey & Coconut


Ingredients: Assorted Raw Nuts (Almonds, Brazils, Macadamias & Cashews - 42%), Oats, Cacao Nibs, Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt, Vanilla, Coconut Oil & Raw Honey


Ingredients:  Assorted Raw Seeds (Sunflower, Golden Flax, Pumpkin & Sesame - 45%), Oats, Almonds, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Raw Honey & Coconut Oil