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Nicky Barber, Delicious Monster


Hello! My name's Nicky and I'm the creator and curator of Delicious Monster.

I'm a food photographer, content creator and a sales & marketing strategist for food and lifestyle-related brands. Before Delicious Monster I lived and worked in Shanghai for three years, two of which were spent creating content for a cooking app.

It was the perfect job for me, especially during a time where I needed to figure out a way of bringing two of the things I loved doing the most (photography + cooking) together. This didn't magically happen overnight though - it took quite a few years, including a stint at culinary school, some interesting jobs, a few years in print & digital publishing, a digital photography course and a lot of practice to get to that point.

In 2017 I left my full-time gig to pursue a freelance career, and it was then that I started Delicious Monster. I'd always dreamt of turning it into a brand which allowed me to combine my content creation, recipe development and photography, as well as burning desire to source and curate a high-end online lifestyle marketplace. This took some time though, as I still needed to navigate my way through two more overseas moves - first to England for a year and then back to South Africa in early 2019.

It was during the first few weeks of lockdown in South Africa, after I'd lost all of my consultancy work, where I finally managed to get things going and moving towards a place I'd been trying so hard to get to for the last three years.

So here we are! Thanks so much for stopping by and please get in touch should you want to work with me, whether it through content creation, selling your product on my website or stocking my products in your store.

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