About Delicious Monster

Nicky Barber


I'm a freelance food & lifestyle content creator, photographer, writer, recipe developer, ebook publisher and the person behind Delicious Monster.

Before Delicious Monster I worked for a tech startup in Shanghai, where I also lived for three years. This startup created an award-winning step by step cooking app called SideChef, and I spent two years there as Director of Content.

It was the perfect job for me, especially during a time where I needed to figure out a way of bringing two of the things I loved doing the most together. This didn't magically happen overnight though - it took quite a few years, a stint at culinary school, some interesting jobs, a few years in print / digital publishing, a digital photography course and a lot of practice to get to that point.

In 2017 I left SideChef to pursue a freelance career, and it was then that I started Delicious Monster. When I had originally moved to China I started a personal blog called Lotuses + Lanehouses to document what life was like adapting to my completely new home in China. As my skills had grown and my focus had shifted from just creating personal content, I made the decision to do away with L+L, rebrand as Delicious Monster.

With a focus on food, travel and lifestyle content production, F&B service innovation and social media management; I went on to produce more content for SideChef, various global kitchen appliance manufacturers such as Midea and Vorwerk, and consulted for one of China’s largest co-working brands, naked Hub, until a few months after they were acquired by WeWork.

After leaving Shanghai I lived in London for a year, and then returned to South Africa in February 2019. While I continue to grow and establish Delicious Monster as a brand and now an ecommerce business, I also freelance for various clients - focussing on sales & marketing, digital and print-related project management, social media management and content creation.

If you'd like to work with me, please get in touch via email: nicky@mydeliciousmonster.com.