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Bijenbos Raw Honey (Fynbos)

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A beautiful, dark raw fynbos honey that is rich in aroma and flavour, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and iron.

320g Glass Jar

Unfiltered | Unheated | Unprocessed | Contains No Additives | Badger-Friendly

Possible Allergens: Pollen Grains

About Bijenbos

Bijenbos Apiaries were born on the largely undeveloped land of Janzwartzkraal farm between the Overberg and Cape Agulhas regions in the Western Cape, South Africa. Teeming with dense forests and fynbos, it provides a natural sanctuary for our bees to flourish in, free from chemical sprays and pollution and with a wide variety of pollen and nectar sources available.

Bijenbos honey is hand-harvested and gently strained through cheesecloth to stay true to its purest form. It is unfiltered, unpasteurised, unprocessed and has not been heated in any way.

As our bees give us honey as well as fulfil their crucial roles in nature by pollinating our food, Bijenbos aim is to give back to our bees by conserving their natural habitat to the best of their ability.