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Heerlijk Nastergal (Umsobo) Artisanal Preserve

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Heerlijk's Nastergal (Umsobo) Preserve is a traditionally-made and handcrafted product produced in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It's made from handpicked nightshade berries which come from an annual herb-like plant (Solanum Retroflexum), also known as Nastergal, Sunberry or Umsobo. 

Enjoy as a sweet or savoury condiment as you would use any jam or preserve, as well as an ingredient in smoothies, muffins, cakes, pies or ice cream. 

Ingredients: Nightshade Berries and Sugar (no preservatives) | 480g per jar

Hope, Heerlijk and a Dusty Jar

Heerlijk was born when a dusty jar of heirloom seed was found in an abandoned shed on the farm Skaterwater in KwaZulu-Natal where Wiida grew up. With this in hand Erick and Wiida Badenhorst took a leap of faith leaving behind the familiar and started a new chapter in their lives. 

Wiida never doubted her belief that her family’s tradition of crafting artisanal preserves in small batches was worth exploring further. Her mother Elize Conradie’s refinement of a family recipe resulted in her UMSOBO preserve becoming sought after and synonymous with exceptional quality and taste. 

Erick on the other hand had a difficult decision to make. Following a sabbatical and on returning home having walked the 1 000km Camino de Frances he decided to bid his 30 year career as a lawyer farewell and to take the first step on a new journey with Wiida. This meant them returning to the countryside where Erick grew up. The berries are planted and harvested at the foothills of the Drakensberg in the Bergville District in KZN at Oliviershoekpas. Thus Heerlijk was established.

Heerlijk today stands testimony to what is uniquely South African, its history, craftsmanship and the value of transferring skills from one generation to the next. Without the guidance of Wiida’s parents and the invaluable assistance of three generations of the Badenhorst family of Bergville, Heerlijk would not have been possible. Heerlijk ensures that a cherished tradition lives on with Erick and Wiida as the driving forces until the tradition will be continued to a 5th generation.
Heerlijk prides itself on its quest to continue crafting a truly South African delicatessen which is second to none. 

Our hope is that Heerlijk will continue to delight those familiar with the unique taste of its preserves and to surprise and excite those yet to discover the ultimate treat.